Patch Notes

Patch Alpha 0.2

Rank System

  • A new “Ranking” page has been added to the dashboard.
  • The rank system has been streamlined and ranks are now solely based on your stream metrics.
  • Ranks are no longer determined by a point value, but instead each rank has a list of milestones that must be met.
  • All three milestones must be met before proceeding to the next rank.
  • Your rank will be tied to eligibility for game keys, rewards and sponsorship opportunities.
  • A new rank "Sapphire" has been added above Emerald and below Diamond.

Activity Points

  • Activity points have been removed from the rank system.
  • Points are now a currency that is used to unlock game keys.
  • Points are earned by completing quests and cannot be purchased with real money.
  • Your points will cap out at 1,000.


  • A new “Achievements” page has been added to the dashboard.
  • More achievements will be added over time.


  • The questing system has received a major upgrade and will be able to track completions more accurately moving forward.
  • Progress for some quests may increment slower than before.
  • Game bounty quests may not progress until after your stream has ended.
  • A new quest for creating clips on Twitch has been added.

Discover / Browse Pages

  • The discover and browse pages have been temporarily removed from the dashboard while being reworked.


  • The targeting system has gotten an upgrade, meaning game keys will be delivered with even better accuracy.
  • The maximum number of active bounty quests you can have at once has been increased from 2 to 3.
  • Users should experience decreased load times and a smoother overall experience on the site due to optimizations.

January 29, 2020
Nick Lombardi