A New Journey

We're going to dive into some exciting changes that have been pushed to the Streamforge platform over the last few days.
I’m sure that you’ve noticed some subtle changes across the Discord and website over the last month. These have all been part of a larger shift in direction for Streamforge that was started nearly half a year ago, from a simple support community for streamers, to a greater platform, with the vision of turning streaming into a game.
In order to pursue that goal, all aspects of our platform will be exclusively focused on guiding influencers to do things that are in the best interests of their streams. We will accomplish this by breaking down the science what it takes to grow a stream, and turn it into distinct, repeatable tasks to complete on a daily basis to drive consistent growth.
It is important to understand that any and all aspects of our platform that involved facilitation of support among streamers no longer exists with this new direction. Your rank moving forward will not determine the level of exposure you receive.

New Points System

As part of this new direction, a revamp to the points system was necessary. In this new model, we introduce two types of points that are earned in different ways. Each of these types of points are worth 50% of the total points of an influencer.

Activity Points

The first type we will talk about are activity points, which represent the effort that you as an influencer put forth to grow your stream. They are only earned from the completion of quests that are created for you every day. These quests are small, attainable goals that help build your channel on a day to day basis.

Quests list dashboard page

Points cannot be earned indefinitely through chatting or anything of the sort like you could before, which means that there is a maximum amount of points that can be earned every day.

Maximum activity points = 3,500
Total activity points = sum of all quest rewards from last 30 days

Influence Points

The other type of points are influence points, which represent the result of your efforts from the actions you take on a daily basis to grow. Unlike elsewhere in the industry, we believe there is more to a channel’s statistics than just their concurrent viewers (CCV). For that reason we take a more broad approach weighting together the following 30-day statistics to arrive at a more complete picture:

  • Total unique chatters across your streams
  • Total followers gained on your channel
  • Total followers gained on your social media accounts
  • Average concurrent viewers across your streams
Points breakdown dashboard page

At this time, all categories above are weighted equally. We have plans in the future to include more data points to get an even better picture.

Below are some formulas that we use for my fellow nerds that are reading. Feel free to skip right to the ranking system 😅


Maximum influence points = 3,500
Each category is worth 750 points (3,500 / 4 categories)

The amount of points an influencer earns in each category is determined by which of the 7 levels they reach within that category.

Points per level = ~107 points (750 category points / 7 levels)
Points earned in category = level reached * 107 (points per level)

Ranking System

Please read the following with understanding that the system is in beta, and many of the variables are subject to change as we continue to observe the impact.

Ranking overview dashboard header

An influencer’s rank will be determined in a very different way than before. There is a total amount of points that you can earn, and that number is 7,000. This number is determined by combining an influencer’s activity points (maximum of 3,500) with their influence points (maximum of 3,500).

There are now 7 ranks, with each rank having it’s own minimum points to attain it. Your rank is in no way determined by the efforts of others, there is no competitive aspect to the new ranking system.

  • Bronze — 1+
  • Silver — 1,000+
  • Ruby — 2,000+
  • Gold — 3,000+
  • Emerald — 4,000+
  • Platinum — 5,000+
  • Diamond — 6,000+

Growing a stream is something that requires consistent effort, and that is reflected in our ranking structure. As your statistics and quest completion go up and down, so will your rank. We will not perform “resets” of any sort like we did in the old points system.

What are ranks used for?

Good question! The goal behind the new points and rank system was to get a full picture of the efforts being put forth, and the results being seen by an influencer, all with one, simple number. Apart from helping guide influencers on the path of growth, we want to reward our influencers by providing them awesome perks for each rank that they achieve.

The bounty system that was recently released will use an influencer’s rank as a baseline (combined with the types of games you play) for free game key opportunities.

Additionally, we are working on a new system where each rank achieved unlocks a new set of rewards such as access to exclusive giveaways, free merchandise, and even tickets to events!

April 27, 2020
Nick Lombardi